The Process

InnerActive Hiring Process

There are Four Critical Stages in the selection process – Position Benchmark; Assessment Package; Performance Interviewing; and Reviewing Results. Mistakes in any of these four areas have caused problems in company hiring practices for years.

Position Benchmark:

Let the Job Talk is the motto of this stage.  It is important to understand the traits and characteristics of the ideal combination of behavioral style, motivators, drive, selling skills, industry knowledge, product knowledge, application skills, and most importantly the personal skills or competencies necessary for high levels of performance. Having this knowledge allows for better sourcing and screening of potential candidates – which leads to higher quality sales personnel and a winning team.

Assessment Package:

Getting objective information on a candidate should be a common requirement to the hiring and selection process. Unfortunately, many companies use the “can they fog up the mirror” assessment technique in combination with “I can tell if they’re a good hire” technique to produce a 50-50 chance of success.

A good assessment package will uncover objective and valid information about your candidates and answer the following questions: How will they sell? Why do they sell? Can they sell? and Will they sell? By getting objective answers to these questions you have a complete and unbiased picture of the candidate and how well they fit into your Position Profile. The ability to match the Position to the Talent is a critical accountability for Sales Managers – if they want a high performance team with high levels of retention.

Performance Interviewing:

The most important part of the selection process is the interview process. The key to the interview process is learning how a candidate has performed in the past and rate their level of performance based upon the quality of their answers. Always remember that past performance is the best indicator of future performance. The more important a rapid start or success from the start, the more important these questions become.

It is important to have a predetermined list of questions designed to uncover the experience and past performance levels of the candidate – based upon the critical and most important skills necessary for the position to be successful.

Reviewing Results:

Any system needs to be reviewed relative to its performance level. The hiring and selection process is not an exception to this need. This check system allows for continuous improvement in the hiring process to insure that a company is smart in its hiring practices and is in fact delivering long term high performers to the sales organization. Lack of attention to this stage has led to several bad practices resulting in increased selection cost, training expenses, lost opportunity sales and lower customer satisfaction levels.