Case Study #3


A distribution company was transitioning from selling to small companies and single decision makers to larger customer companies that used multiple decision-making models. The company had relied upon an inside sales team for their product sales over the past five years.


The president of the company was concerned that the selling skills and talent levels for selling to the larger more sophisticated buyers would be a difficult transition for his current sales team, yet, he wanted outside validation and someone to guide or assist the sales team during this important time period.


The existing sales team was assessed to determine their natural strengths and weaknesses and insure that the selection process and matching of talents to positions was done effectively and accurately.

The assessment process clearly outlined the people that could make the transition and the areas that they needed to learn for success in calling upon the larger accounts. The people that matched the inside sales positions were allowed to continue their successful inside selling processes with a clearly defined customer base.

The new outside sales team members plus some new additions to the team were placed in a monthly developmental process. This process was supported by their sales manager and the president of the company to insure the proper results and focus for this group. The inside group was included in some of the new training and were given a specific training process to improve their skills.


In what is considered to be a commodity business in recessionary times, this company has produced 30+% growth over the past two years by aligning their goals and their sales team. The sales people have reported that the new selling methods have increased they credibility within their customer base and they are having more fun that they ever expected. The company and the sales teams have differentiated themselves in a commodity industry and the results have been significant.