Case Study #2

The General Manager of a large leasing company was concerned about the low levels of the local and regional customer base. It appeared to him that the sales team was relying upon the efforts of the national accounts team to finish sales opportunities for his branch. He also was concerned about the overall moral of the sales team.

After the sales manager had attended our Sales Managers Boot Camp he returned to his office and analyzed the origin and quality of the branch sales by sales person. He uncovered data that verified the General Manager’s concerns – the growth the branch was getting was purely from the national accounts (lower margins) and little to any growth of the mid sized local and regional customers

We assessed the existing sales team to identify the natural strengths and weaknesses of the group. From the information we determined that the majority of the sales team consisted of “passive” or “reactive” sales types.

A new plan was implemented that rewarded the “hunters” on the team to do what they do best – which is to find new business opportunities and grow sales by increasing the number of customers. The “passive-reactive” sales types were rewarded for maintaining and growing existing customers accounts and were not longer asked to cold call or territory develop.

The sales team was re-energized and focused. They felt they were now matched to deliver upon their natural strengths. And results were immediate. Within 30 days, the branch sales were moving in positive directions across the customer base and after six months the general manager reported that he was skeptical that the reorganization as planned would work. However, he then stated that the results were over plan and he had been asked to present his new strategy at the national sales meeting to share with the Regional Managers across the US.