Success Stories

Here are five success case studies for your review. We don’t provide the names of the organizations due to the confidentiality of the projects. We encourage you to read each one and think about your organization. Are you dealing with any of the same issues?

Case Study #1

Large bag manufacturing and distribution company was concerned about the quality of the existing sales team and the ability to hire better quality sales people. One division needed to hire several new sales people for geographical coverage for their product lines.

Case Study #2

The General Manager of a large leasing company was concerned about the low levels of the local and regional customer base. It appeared to him that the sales team was relying upon the efforts of the national accounts team to finish sales opportunities for his branch. He also was concerned about the overall moral of the sales team.

Case Study #3

A distribution company was transitioning from selling to small companies and single decision makers to larger customer companies that used multiple decision-making models. The company had relied upon an inside sales team for their product sales over the past five years.

Case Study #4

A major international technology company is looking to reorganize their U.S. software sales teams. The sales management executives were concerned about putting the right people in the right positions to revitalize sales growth in the U.S.

Case Study #5

This one is incomplete because it could be your company or organization. We look forward to answering your questions regarding how we can assist you in hiring more sales winners, thus topgrading your sales team.