Hiring Team-Member Sales People

| February 19, 2012 | 0 Comments

Ran into some interesting situations recently with a company using a team selling approach. This requires looking at both the existing team members and possible candidates with a slightly different view.

Most sales people and for that matter, sales candidates are hard driving and usually possess a “lone wolf” need which comes from their internal motivators. That’s right, these drivers come from their internal motivator patterns and cannot be seen as part of their behavior style.

This is another reason you will need some objective information about what motivates your sales team and candidates for open positions. These are not traits you can see or in most cases hear during the interviews. Even great behavioral based questioning techniques can miss this trait during the interviews.

If you are using team based selling, you will be interested in learning how to recognize potential high performing sales people who can also play well as a sales team member. Remember, objective information is designed to help you hire higher quality sales people who can both hit their numbers and successfully work within your sales culture.

Contact me to discuss how easy it is to use these tools in your sales team selection process.

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