With over fifteen years of assisting his clients in the selection of sales personnel, sales managers, marketing managers, customer service personnel, inside sales people and support personnel, Voss bring an experience factor to the selection process.

He has studied, taken certification exams, taught other professionals how to effectively use a series of assessments that are beneficial in the selection of talented people that match the requirements for job related success.

Specifically, he and several members of his team are certified in as:

Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst

Certified Professional Values Analyst

Certified Professional TriMetrix Analyst

Certified Professional Performance DNA Analyst

Certified Talent Management Plus Advisor

Voss Graham has trained other professionals in the interpretation of the Sales Strategy Index and the Sales Skills Index which is a sales skills assessment given to sales people to determine their level of sales skills knowledge.

He is a member of the Chairman’s Club with Target Training International, which is a research based Strategic Partner providing extensive assessment tools for the evaluation of people skills and abilities.