InnerActive Consulting Group, Inc…

has been training and developing sales teams since 1988. Working with Fortune 500 companies as well as small regional companies, IACG solutions have guided these sales teams and individuals to higher levels of success.

Working with real companies with real sales issues and challenges has allowed us to learn what is really important to growing the top lines of our clients. Most of our clients wanted to improve the quality of the sales team – the most common phrase was “to make our sales team more professional.” To make a sales team more professional we quickly learned this started by hiring better quality sales people.

Most companies had no formal hiring process for their sales teams, relying solely upon the abilities of sales managers to select the right people for the job. Unfortunately, not all sales managers possessed the talent skill to recognize or recruit top sales talent. Clearly there was a need for improved hiring systems for sales.

Our solutions have included a combination of objective data (benchmarks and talent reports) with the art of behavioral questioning. Providing both the objective data from the assessment tools and the soft skills of coaching or advisory services, our clients have seen an increase in talent quality and a corresponding increase in sales results. In other words, our hiring systems are proven in the real world of sales.

“Getting You to the Next Level”

is more than a phrase – it’s the founding principle of our organization. It is the reason we can still get excited about helping a group of sales people achieve more than they could dream doing. Our experience with sales individuals shows the “winner’s edge” starts with the mental mindset they possess. Winners have a competitive edge over others with the same level of skills. This is the foundation of success – the “inner game” of selling.

Voss W Graham

is the “Sales Fitness Coach” for evaluating the quality of your sales team. He is also the author of “Three Games of Selling” a business to business sales book

Photo of Voss W Graham

Voss Graham

using winning college football programs as an analogy for easy learning. He is also our Senior Business Advisor and CEO with over thirty nine years of successful business experience.