Voss W Graham a.k.a. the “Sales Team Fitness Coach”

Develops A Better Sales Hiring Method

Putting Sales Organizations back in Good Health – Capable of Increasing Sales Growth.

Memphis, TN – Like any professional coach knows, each solution is unique to the sales team being examined. Sales team benchmarking, reviewing the gaps between A-B-C players, clarifying key responsibilities and accountabilities by position, checking the alignment of structure and strategic objectives, and working with sales managers to improve coaching and development activities all lead to Sales Team Success – the STS process.

One area that companies use “The Sales Fitness Coach” is for getting the right sales people in the right sales positions for the right sales growth – their insurance policy to hitting their numbers and plans every year.

Using his unique method for selection, Voss W. Graham, known as the “Sales Team Fitness Coach,” is in demand from executives to put their sales groups in top-notch performance health. He can show you how to create and use a Proven Sales Hiring System that will improve the quality of your sales team from the beginning to end.

On many projects, Voss has been asked to evaluate the overall quality of a sales team – determining if the sales team is an “A”, “B”, or “C” group. Then, expectations of performance can be more accurately forecast. in addition to determining the quality of sales teams, he helps sales managers select sales winners – lowering the cost of hiring, fewer de-hiring  situations, and ultimately improving the sales performance of the entire sales team.